Things to consider while building a website

Your website is more like your address in the digital world. We all know for a fact that a good website will definitely contribute a lot to the development of the business. Majority of the population especially the millennials have this habit of deciding things based on the information that they get from the internet. Hence it is mandatory that your website should be engaging and convey the necessary information that will convert a normal visitor into a potential lead. In this article, we will see the important things to be considered while building a website.

Define the purpose

The first and the most important thing that a website should do is to define the purpose.   Definition as not by the text that is there in the site. Just the appearance of the site should convey a message to the visitor, and it should render a feel that they have visited a site that is relevant to their search.


Mobile friendly

In the present situation, if the designer is designing a site that is not mobile friendly, he or she should be the stupidest person in the world and the individual is not at all fit for being a web developer. It is very much evident that the use of smartphones is increasing drastically. It has become so important that most of the people cannot survive without it. More than anything if your site is not mobile friendly it will affect the ranking of the site in the search engine results. So make sure that your site mobile friendly.

Mobile Frinedly

Competition Analysis

One of the main things to do while developing a site is to analyze the sites of your competition. It might just one, or it might be a hundred. Make sure to go through all these sites. By going through these sites, you learn a lot of things. The first and the most important is that you avoid the flaws that have spotted in those sites which will give you the upper hand and the second one is you will not repeat the same designs or patterns that they have followed. It is a strategy to set you apart from the rest.

Be creative

It might be a very simple word, but it has a lot to it. There is a lot that goes into being creative. Being creative will definitively set you apart from the rest and make you look unique in every aspect. But make sure that you are being noted for the right reasons. There are possibilities that you might think that you are creative, but it will not work out in the way that you wanted. So it is better to be more cautious in this particular aspect.


Be flexible

One of the good aspects of the website is changing and updating constantly. Hence it is necessary that the developer designs it with all the necessary features in the initial stages, rather than updating them in the future.

How to build an SEO friendly website?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the rank of the website in the search engine results. The position of your site in the search engine results in the very important for your business. It is just a simple logic. When you search for something, the search engine displays the result. Nearly ninety-eight percent you get the answer for what you are searching in the first page itself. There are very fewer possibilities that you will have to go for the second page. So if you want to be visible in the digital world, you need to be on the first page on the search engine results. Hence it is necessary that you need to have SEO friendly website. Here are a few things that will make your site SEO friendly.

A good URL structure

If you want to have a good ranking in the search engine results, then it is mandatory that you have a good URL. It should be given more importance and priority. Make it a point to make the URL as simple as possible so that you can have a unique URL for all your pages in your site. Not having a proper URL will easily affect the ranking of your site in a very drastic way.

Avoid duplicate content


This is one of the bad things that anyone can indulge in. It not just bad for the ranking of the site; it is also ethically bad. Copying pasting the content from other sites will definitely affect the site’s ranking. Technically it is called Plagiarism. The search engine monitors every move that you make. Do not ever think that you can get out of it easily. So before posting anything,, it is better to check for duplicate content, so that it will not affect the site’s ranking.

Compatible with all devices

Remember the fact that desktop is not the only device through which websites can be accessed. In the present situation, any website can be accessed from smartphones and tablets. Hence it is mandatory that the design and the content of the site should be optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablets. According to the algorithm of Google, if the site is not optimized for all platforms, then it will never make it to the first page of the search engine results.

Avoid keyword stuffing

There are no second thoughts on the fact that keywords are very important. But at the same time, too much of anything is not good. It also works for keywords. Just imagine what if the visitor is reading something and he is coming across the same words or phrases again and again. It will irritate them, and there are good possibilities that they might leave the site. This will affect the dwell timing which is a major factor that is considered by the search engines to rank the sites.

Latest Technologies in website building

We are living in a world where most of the work is being carried out on the web. The development of technology has paved ways to a lot of things. From ordering food to booking a business class ticket, everything can be done online. We all know that there was a time when having a website was considered luxury. But now it is the exact opposite of it. Having a website for business has become mandatory. So it is important that you have a good quality website that will engage the visitors. For that, you need to find a good web developer who is capable of meeting your expectations. Website development has come a long way, and it has improved drastically. In this article, we will see the latest technologies in website building.


If you are a person who is into web development, then you will definitely know what Angularjs is. Angularjs is a dynamic web application that has its framework designed with JavaScript. In Angularjs HTML can be used as the template language. Angularjs makes the process of building a web application much easier. It provides all the necessary features that will help the developers to build user-friendly sites for both desktop and mobile platforms.



Laravel is an open source PHP based framework. Laravel follows a symphony based pattern which is a model view controller architectural pattern. If you are building large and robust applications, this would be the perfect choice for you. It is easily assessable, and it provides a lot of powerful tools.   These tools are not just powerful; they have all the necessary features that any developer would want. Laverel is capable of handling everything from the simple HTML generation to complex database management.



React is used to build user interfaces that have a JavaScript-based library. Generally, people refer to it as ReactJS. ReactJs is actually handled by the Social Media Giant and few individual developers. You can develop both single page and complicated applications. It is just that when complex applications are developed, you need to use various libraries. It is one of the best for creating an interactive user interface. Not just interactive UI it can build components that are encapsulated which will manage their own state. It can be even composed to make complex user interfaces.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that is written in Ruby. It comes under the MIT license. It is a server side based platform. It is an amazing web development tool that provides the perfect framework for the developers. It also provides the structure for the codes that they will be writing. There is a default database structure and has a model view controller framework. It facilitates the use of web standards such as JSON, XML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is a lot simpler to use when compared to most of the others.